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HI! Giovanna F. Sauceda G.
Aspiring Makeup Artist. 20. College Student. Az living. Dreamer. Mermaid. Life warrior. Fighting for a Dream.
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Hi everyone. Please take some time to read this! →

Hello dolls! As I have posted before I have been recently accepted into the University of my dreams in the UK. Being from a small town in Arizona with nothing waiting for me this means the world! In Order to finally pack my bags there are a couple of fees that I need to get out of the way. Because I will be an international student I need to get a CAS number and visa. If there’s one thing I dislike, it’s asking people for money. But this means so much for me that I just have no other way. The amount I am asking for is, I know, a bit too much but that’s about half for what I need for my CAS #. Also there is no set amount you can donate. Really a dollar can take me a whole step closer to my dream. Any donation will be so greatly appreciated.

Please and thank you 😘

Foundation- urban decay Naked BB cream, Urban Decay Naked Foundation, MAC mineralized powder foundation on oily areas and t- zone
Cheeks- MAC matte bronze, Too Faced sweet heart blush in candy glow, and MAC soft and gentle as highlight
Lips- Clinique Sugared Grapefruit lipstick

Brows: Anastastia Beverly Hills brow pomade in chocolate, cared with Mack studio concealer in NC20
Primed: MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre
Crease: MAC textured, Stila “in the know” palette in Driftwood,
Lid: MAC paint pot in Let’s Ride, MAC sushi flower, MAC Pressed pigment in Vanilla Diamond
Brow bone: MAC vanilla pigment
lower eye: Stila “In the Know” palette Ebony (matte black) and Driftwood.
Lashes: too faced Better Than Sex, Red Cherry Wsp lashes

Floral crown from Claire’s

Videos coming soon! Say whaaaat??

So I’ve been dying to make YouTube videos for a long time now and I keep getting requests to do some. But I always stumble on some problems whenever I get get very excited. I am the type of person that believes that there exists ‘perfect times’ to do something and that is how I feel when I think of making videos. Well yesterday didn’t feel perfect but I thought what the heck, if not now, when? The only problem is… I DONT OWN A FANCY CAMERA NOR DO I HAVE FANCY EDITING SOFTWARE!! So I turned on my iphone camera and got a free editing app. The results are no where near perfect as I did find it difficult to see through the blinding flash. I will post the videos soon because I do want feedback. Any thing, good, bad, I wanna hear what you think? What can I fix? Do I keep going or just stop trying??? I can’t stand the sound of my voice so I haven’t really seen much so yea sorry for my awful annoying voice. :). I did create 2 videos one in English and one in Spanish. And I will post those soon enough.

Thank you and I love ya!!
- gio

Weeee first video! Details on the washed out makeup soon to come! But for the mean time watch me blink in slowmo😂.
Song is be lair by land del rey.

A bit about myself…

I haven’t posted anything in a while and I’m sorry for that. Thank you for those who still followed and for those that have remained since the beginning.
I thought that I should take my time and tell you a little more about myself.
1. My name is Giovanna, or gio
2. I live in Yuma Arizona, a small border town.
3. I am 20 years old, my birthday is September 3
4. I am a sophomore in college. I am a full time student and I am taking 17 credits. It is my last year as well
5. I work as a substitute teacher. Which takes up my whole day
6. I wasn’t allowed to where makeup until my quinceañera.
7. My passion for makeup took off from there, before I wanted to be an architect.
8. It wasn’t until I was 16 when I was allowed to use foundation. And it was then that I started experimenting with colors. I would wear 5 colors at once on my eyes.
9. In March I was accepted into the college of my dreams, The Arts University Bournemouth for the Makeup in Media and Performance course. It’s in England (which I’m totally excited for!) but I’m scared I won’t be able to go because of financial problems.
10. I used to be shy and scared of posting my makeup. I noticed a lot of MUAs on Instagram and so I finally decided to post a picture. After that I started expressing more and more. I don’t have a big number of followers or anything but the little that I do have have given me so much support and encouragement. And that’s when I created my tumblr. To express myself here and to serve like a portfolio as well. And I am so grateful for my followers here as well

I know I don’t post as much Id wish but I’ll work on it, promise. Working full time and going to school directly after doesn’t leave me with much time. I will try to post more frequently. I do have another blog (which I reblog lol) pamperedmermaid

if you’d like to follow. Am on there every day. I’d like to here back from you. What would you like to see. More makeup? Reviews? Anything, any idea, just inbox me even if it is just to tell me how your day is. If there is anything else that you’d like to know or would want me to know just send me a message. I’m here to listen. Love all😘 ❤️ and blessings

a “pin up”/ vintage house wife look i created

My amazing friend. did Hair and Makeup

A look on my friend based on a facechart I did a while back.

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